Seeing Literature Through New Eyes

In the summer of June 2014, my husband Sangay and I took our two boys to England on a literary journey to visit the places where some of my favorite poets and writers lived. The trip was by way of a double celebration, first that Sangay and I had made it through 25 years together and secondly that Rechung had just graduated in May from University of Virginia in Charlottesville, USA with a bachelor’s degree in Commerce from the prestigious McIntire School of Commerce.

The 16-day trip took months to plan and prepare and I will be forever indebted to my friend Barbara and her husband Rod Addison who helped me enormously in plotting out our itinerary and even the routes we should take on our journey. In addition to patiently answering all my questions that I bombarded them with, they made many helpful suggestions on activities the boys would be interested in and other places to visit that we’re not on my itinerary. Of course I did a lot of research on the Internet and also carefully read my copy of the Lonely Planet guide to England.

A year later and we have returned from another trip. This time it was to the USA to look at colleges for Jigmey, our younger son who will graduate from high school in May 2016. As luck or serendipity ( Am sure many of you will observe that serendipity is a word I am fond of and use often)would have it, there were several poets and writers living in places I visited along the way. In Concord, Massachusetts I visited the home of Louisa M.Alcott, the author of Little Women and in Bennington, Vermont the home of the celebrated poet Robert Frost. My single disappointment was that I could not visit the place where Emily Dickinson, one of my favorite poets lived but Amherst, Massachusetts was out of the way and we still had a long way to go and other colleges to visit.

With my great interest in English literature and the lives of poets and writers, I had been giving thought to the idea of starting a blog where I could put down my thoughts and reflections. My conversation on FB with a friend clinched it for me.

So I welcome you all to my blog ‘On Literary Trails’ where we can discover the magic of the written word, their authors and muses.

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